People Estate Agents Property team provide a comprehensive agency support for licensed real estate agents.

If you are efficient, self-motivated and love running your own show, then our model is ideal for you.

Run your business seamlessly, efficiently, and cut out all the unnecessary overheads associated with a traditional real estate model, so you can tailor your promotion and marketing the way you want to.

We believe in full transparency for our agents, there are no hidden costs, costs to process your contracts, marketing etc, one simple commission fee.

If you have moved passed working in a traditional office model, and are a self-motivated agent, we would love to speak with you.

No more sitting in an office paying a principal 50% to 75% for a seat in an office, abiding by selected values and rules, limited sales territories, and office politics.

Here are just some of the services we include, saving you the hassle of ongoing subscriptions, designing marketing, accounting, commission payments, trust accounting, realworks, rpdata, and many more options.

  • Comprehensive listing management
  • full post sale support including legal and financial
  • full administrative support to help you win listings and reduce your administration load
  • Contract best practice and compliance
  • realworks REIQ forms, special conditions legal support
  • In-house innovative marketing department
  • easy to complete online marketing templates
  • personal agent branding and promotion
  • and
  • premier subscriptions
  • trust accounting
  • commissions paid on settlement day
  • credit card payments for vendor paid advertising and personal agent marketing
  • Ability to open and run your own office
  • grow your own team
  • Sell in all areas or secure a territory


What you won’t find here!

Pushy sales managers…or any for that matter! 

Principals taking all your commissions

Agents stealing your listings and leads

Not being treated like a professional

Non-licensed real estate agents

Sales targets, sliding commission rates

Working long hours for low commission

No job security

Tacky in-house marketing

Listing to real estate agents gloat

Fake award nights that no one really cares about

Tall poppy syndrome!

We have turned the tables on the traditional agency model, or any of the new brands offering real estate support. We offer a fully comprehensive real estate agency so great agents can branch away from a big brand and grow their own.   

Enjoy the is simple, personalised, creative, innovative and friendly support from my family and I.

— Jake Dwyer Principal People Estate Agents

People Logo Green

We are looking for great people, not 100’s, just the right people.

To find out more about working with the team,
please phone Jake Dwyer seven days on 0423 733 882, or complete the form below!

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